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From The US Department of Justice about LibertyReserve Founder being Extradited from Spain

15. Oct,2014

Below is the complete quote taken from the official website of US Department of Justice, regarding latest developments in the case of LibertyReserve (LR) closure. Arthur Budovsky, the founder of LR has now been extradited from Spain to US to stand trial on money laundering charges along with other individuals facing the same fate, while two people are still at large, somewhere in Costa Rica: The founder of Liberty Reserve, a virtual currency used by cybercriminals around the world to launder proceeds of their illegal activity, was extradited from Spain and arrived in the United States this afternoon. Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara of the Southern District of New York made the announcement. Arthur Budovsky, 40, a citizen of Costa Rica, was arrested in Spain in May 2013…
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Guest Post on ProfitClicking

28. Jan,2013

Good day everyone! It is Guest Posts time and today I am publishing an article, written by someone, who is apparently well in the know about currently struggling Program PrifitClicking, formerly known as JSS Tripler. The person who sent this article to me via email, named himself Jo, he titled his article as “Profit Clicking scam artists supreme” and you can see it below and decide for yourself, if such title is merited. February 2nd Update: As the power of Internet wants it, someone else is now claiming to be the original author of the publication below. This other person now contacted me (for some reason being angry, like a child missing a toy), so I am providing the link to the publication of the same or similar text as Jo sent me via email HERE. If there are more…
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NewGNI is going Private, Last Call to Join

27. Nov,2012

Good Day Everyone! As most of you know, the HYIP market is moving forward at the very high pace – many programs are getting closed, a lot of new ones are starting up and at times, it is hard to keep with all of these events in sync and in the know. The subject of today’s publication however, is not your routine, but one of the relatively rare occasions seen in this arena, which is also the current news update from a well known program NewGNI. This particular “rare occasion” is when the investment program closes its doors to new members, while at the same time continuing to service and deliver profits to all of its current members. This is in fact exactly what Jurgen, the administrator of NewGNI is planning to do for his successful so far venture. Starting…
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StallionGold and PerfectFinance Make You Think

22. Nov,2012

Good Day Everyone and a Happy Thanksgiving Day to those who celebrate! There is a good news and a bad news today from two programs and while you may not even suspect it, today’s publication is in fact not just your regular news coverage, but a very educational one. I will tell you a bit later why I think so (please do read), but let me first tell you what the news are and what exactly do they mean. With its regular consistency, StallionGold announced today that due to the Thanksgiving Day holiday celebration, there will be no profits credited to user accounts on the day of November 22nd. As StallionGold has it in writing in their terms of service, specifically stating that there are no profits issued on weekends and holidays, such announcement makes perfect sense. There are real…
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November 19th News from PerfectFinance

20. Nov,2012

Good Day Everyone! (Important, Please read latest update) I am sure most of you know or heard about the program PerfectFinance, about its outstanding achievements so far and about its strong competitiveness on the HYIP market. Those participating in the program have seen these qualities first hand, after seeing the program coming through some rough times a few weeks back, emerging as a winner and thus showing its great commitment to delivering the profits to its members. Today, things are going seemingly very well for the program and as usually, Christopher Walters, the administrator of PerfectFinance issued the current newsletter, in which he is outlining the latest program developments, some news and overall progress. Please read the update just below and post your comments or questions if you have any. Dear investors and website promoters of Perfect Finance Limited, With…
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Fake LibertyReserve Emails

18. Nov,2012

Good Day Everyone! There has been increased amount of fake emails circulating lately, which appear as if they were sent by LibertyReserve while in reality they were NOT. I hope all of my readers know better and I thank those of you sharing your concerns with me, but just in case, I decided to make this post and remind everyone to not act on these emails in any way, EVER. Below, I am posting the content of one of such fake email about as fake “opportunity” and some “investment offer”. Keep in mind that fake’s email content may be different and sometimes there are some file attachments are coming with it, which you must always ignore all together and never open them. In another embodiment of the attempt to defraud a person receiving the fake email, you may be made…
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HYIP News November 17th

17. Nov,2012

Good Day Everyone! Prior to providing the coverage and comments of the latest news from programs on my list, I strongly recommend all of my readers to read previous publication on about AVO malware downloads warning, which may adversely affect the security of your personal computer. This is very important matter, because this threat still exists and you should treat this information very seriously. While on the subject of warnings and while this does not apply to most of the currently running programs, I also wanted to remind you to always stay alert about one of the most common “End of the Program signatures” and the so called “red flags”. This is when any given program is all over sudden offers some additional to the existing investment plans, with supposedly better returns. Never EVER did such offers came to…
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AVO Malware downloads WARNING !

14. Nov,2012

Good Day Everyone! If in respect to totally disastrous at this point program AVO (domain name AVO.NET or/and, anyone is still thinking to do something other than withdrawing and getting out, you are insane. This is especially true in view of the most recent update from this program, in which administration is practically making their “last call” to collect money from the complete idiots, who would fall for newly offered, ridiculously high percentage, insanely short term deposit plans. The official program statement says that you can now supposedly get 14% every day for 6 days and also get your principal back after that. Really? Well, the only chance you will get promised return on these new plans, is if you just also won the lottery, while getting hit by a meteor, while seeing a Bigfoot, while finding gluten-free pizza…
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HYIP News November 10th

11. Nov,2012

Good Day Everyone! It has been a rather rough past week-plus in the HYIP industry, as quite a few programs out there got suddenly crashed and/or closed for various reasons (such as DDoS attacks and domain suspensions) and unfortunately my own portfolio had suffered to some degree as well. I am glad though that my general strategy of picking the programs and their diversification, seems to be working well in terms of losses minimization and maintaining the overall HYIP portfolio profitability. The two programs that affected my investments negatively were TivSol and SkyCrown, where combined, I was able to recover only about half of the deposited with these programs amounts. For those new to the HYIP market, this is yet another open, demonstrative lesson and a proof that things are not as “pink” as they may seem to be, when…
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November 6th News from BensonUnion

8. Nov,2012

In case some of you did not notice it and/or moved on a while ago, Benson Union is amazingly enough, but in fact still kicking it. I know that a lot of people have long withdrew their deposits here, especially after seeing and mostly hearing the gibberish coming from a person by the name of Ragnar, who supposedly runs Benson Union. I don’t really want to get started on this today, but in case you don’t know what I am talking about, get your popcorn and come to the next webinar, which according to the latest update from the program (see below), should be held on November 15th and see for yourself. Don’t get me wrong however, what investors care about most at the end of the day is timely payouts and most importantly, that such payouts keep coming for as long as possible. After all, who cares how the real program management pulls it for so long, but apparently this is working for many people so far. According to the latest update…


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