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Guest Post on ProfitClicking

28. Jan,2013


Good day everyone! It is Guest Posts time and today I am publishing an article, written by someone, who is apparently well in the know about currently struggling Program PrifitClicking, formerly known as JSS Tripler. The person who sent this article to me via email, named himself Jo, he titled his article as “Profit Clicking scam artists supreme” and you can see it below and decide for yourself, if such title is merited.

February 2nd Update: As the power of Internet wants it, someone else is now claiming to be the original author of the publication below. This other person now contacted me (for some reason being angry, like a child missing a toy), so I am providing the link to the publication of the same or similar text as Jo sent me via email HERE. If there are more authors of this article out there, please feel free to contact me too and I will reference you all, I don’t mind.

Regarding PrifitClicking, It looks like a lot of people are getting really frustrated with the problems at PrifitClicking, that they become “inventive” (in a way) and are trying to spread the word of caution by all means. Apparently Jo, the sender of the email that I received earlier, with the content below, took the matter into his own hands by using everything he could find on the Internet and converting it to the email media to add extra publicity to the program’s issues.

Please read this below….and please DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE SCAM ARTISTS

“Welcome to another article about the Profitclicking ponzi scheme which is currently in its last days and should be avoided under any circumstances no matter what you hear from their thousands of cheerleaders who got blindfolded by all the nice words Profitclicking is telling them. Yes, JustBeenPaid / Profitclicking was a huge success and it made a lot of people a lot of money – but these times are over. Anyone who is not able to see the signs know should rethink if he is old enough to take money in his hands. But that is not the topic today. Today I want to show you who this person called “H J Dockstader” is which is supposed to run Profitclicking now after “Frederick Mann” (this person does not exist) “retired”.

Who Is H J Dockstader

If you are a member of Profitclicking or if you were just following the scheme during the last months I am sure you noticed someone who was just called “Doc”. Well, this person recently made his full name public: H J Dockstader, or in full “Harvey Joseph Dockstader”. In the following I want to show you who this person is and why it is just another reason not to trust Profitclicking.

H J Dockstader was the founder of a pyramid gifting scheme called “Elite Activity”. Since 2001, Elite Activity had maintained an Internet website where people were invited to participate in a “cycle of abundance” through the giving and receiving of monetary “gifts”. Participation in Elite Activity was based on the payment of money, the receipt of money, and the recruitment of new members. No products or services were sold. For a monthly fee, participants in Elite Activity were able to subscribe to the organization’s Internet service and track their progression through pyramid-shaped “panels” of “gifting”. He traveled to numerous churches across the southern United States to speak about Elite Activity, which he claimed it is inspired by God and based on the teachings of the Bible.

On June 24, 2005, in response to the arrest of one of Elite Activity’s participants, he held a press conference on the front steps of the Harris County Criminal Justice Center. In his statement to the media he repeatedly invited people to participate in Elite Activity. A videotaped excerpt of his statement was broadcast on the Channel 39 evening news in Houston. On July 1, 2005, a Harris County grand jury indicted him. The indictment alleged that “on or about June 24, 2005, HJ Dockstader did then and there unlawfully, intentionally and knowingly contrive, prepare, establish, operate, advertise, sell, and/or promote a pyramid promotional scheme”. He was convicted and sentenced to the maximum punishment allowed by law: 2 years of prison!

Now if he is really behind the Profitclicking ponzi scheme what does it show us? It shows us that scammers do all for money and are most likely not able to learn. They will do their crimes again and again and will not stop. Now a lot of cheerleaders are defending this guy. I give you an except from a blog called “”:

So, Profit Clicking’s Doc is actually Harvey Joseph Dockstader? Yes. If you don’t know who HJ Dockstader is, then keep reading. Let me share with you who Doc is. Doc is just like you. He is just like me. He made a terrible mistake years ago and ran an illegal cash gifting pyramid scheme. Cash gifting is illegal, the government considers it both unsustainable and fraudulent. Dockstader paid a heavy price for the mistakes he made. He spent 2 years in prison, paid his time and his dues, and has since remedied his ways.
You might be wondering, how do I know that he has remedied his ways? Well, his sins and mistakes are between him and God, and I hope he has sought forgiveness from God for what he did. I can’t know that for sure.

What I do know is this: he is now involved in a legal, legitimate business that is not fraudulent, but is legally compliant.
So, is he involved with Profit Clicking? Yes, he is a spokesman to members within Profit Clicking. Does this mean he is “leading the company” now? No! Does this mean Profit Clicking is suddenly a scam, because they have a spokesperson within the organization that made some mistakes in the past with cash gifting, but now is trying to help the 98% of people who can’t make money online? No! Profit Clicking hasn’t suddenly become a scam because of Doc.

I actually had a great laugh! His past activities have shown that he has in no way something of a conscience. This guy wants to make money even if it is through the name of the bible. In my opinion such a person can be counted to the biggest scammers of this century. Also the statement that he is involved now in a fully legal and compliant business is just some repetition the Profitclicking brainwashers drum into their poor followers again and again. Everyone who just would have a bit of a closer look at the way the Profitclicking scam works and then compare and back check it with the laws of his country about ponzi schemes and unlicensed securities will be able to find out that this is in no way legal. Maybe on some tropical island – but nowhere in some serious country.

Thank you all for visiting again today and I hope to see you around often.
At your service,

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