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Change security question on Facebook? There is the rub!

13. Sep,2011

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This may seem like a post of questionable relevance to HYIPBlogger, but I assure you it is in fact very relevant one, simply because like no other network, huge number of people and organizations (including some Investment Programs) are using Facebook to socialize. The reason this post is here today because I am pretty sure that most people do not realize that their Facebook accounts may be in very serious danger of being lost.

How could this happen?

Easy! One unfortunate day you try to log into your Facebook account from desktop instead of a notebook, or you just installed new operating system, or you logged in from your mobile device via fancy application to try it out. After that you may see a message like one below:

Your account is temporarily locked.
Someone recently tried to log into your account from an unrecognized device or location. Please verify if it was you who tried to log in.

Even if you are logging in from the same computer, you still can get  the above message, possibly because you made some system update, or in fact someone else (hacker) may have logged into your account prior to your current login session. You then will be asked to confirm your identity and if you can’t recall any of the requested information, or if you think you never input one, your account will stay “locked”.  The only weird advice I saw to help overcome this restriction is to wait for some two weeks (HERE is the link).

One of Facebook’s policies presented as account security feature is to not allow changing the security question more than once. Basically if you happen to either misspell an answer for instance, or happen to forget the answer you input, or worse – had your account being hacked into, sooner or later your may not be able to login to your account at all and here is the rub – there is nothing you can do about it:

Can I update my account's security question? Facebook says NO!

The above image is taken from Facebook help pages and it appears that Facebook wants to make sure user accounts stay secure and safe. Well, the unfortunate to many fact is that the accounts are so “safe” that even their owners themselves are not being able to control them any longer. As it follows from the image above, Facebook actually confirms that there is no way to update security question and considers this to be a mere inconvenience.

Unfortunately and to make things worse for those who cherish their Facebook social portals, there is even no known way to contact Facebook to rectify this particular issue! It is for that unfortunate reason that hundreds of people who lost access to their accounts are now wondering the Internet, posting in anger and frustration. Many are simply abandoning their old accounts and creating new ones and such trend will probably continue until the issue grows into proportions, sufficient enough to be noticed by Facebook management and so that they would consider changing their policy on this, or at least provide relevant support form.

Here are just a few quotes on what people are saying on this issue:

hi I cannot change my security question, I searched in the account setting but such option to change the security question is not available there, I will appreciate your help.

This is ridiculous. I misspelled the answer and I can’t fix it – do you really think I remember it when I need the security question?

This makes no sense as a policy. Does anyone know how to contact them to speak to someone about this? Seems they don’t have that information readily accessible, for whatever reason.

PLEASE FACEBOOK let me change this information. Like a password, PLEASE include this as an option on the account settings.

We should be able to change our security question. What if some perv can guess it? I don’t even remember what mine is anymore, I signed up here more than 5 years ago. Come on!

At least let us add a new one. What to do if someone guessed it, and continually hacks my account?

it is indeed ridiculous not to allow users change the security question. at the very least there should be a notification when you set up your question that Facebook won’t allow you change it afterwards. the way it works now, or more accurately how it doesn’t work, is plain stupid.

I am constantly getting hacked and I just figured out that they keep getting onto my account by the security question so it’s urgent that I have it changed

…i just want to know how to change my security question cause some douche figured it out and its f***ing annoying so can someone please find a way to change it…

So, if you reading this post and you never bothered setting or checking your Facebook security question, please do that right now, it is VERY important (Account > Account Settings > Security). Make absolutely sure you type your answer the way you intended to (spell it right). If for some reason you cannot find the link to set up your security question (like hundreds of other unfortunate souls),  don’t look for it, it is gone, it is Facebook’s policy. It also means that you already set the security question up and if you can’t recall what was it and the answer for it – you are in trouble. Unfortunately, it is not even possible to see what the set question was… If you don’t see that “setting” link in your profile and you don’t think that you did set the security question, I am posting the image below, which hopefully would refresh your memory:

A message to remind updating Facebook account security settings may show up at some point when you log into your account.

The message above shows up during one of the routine login attempts, so if you were in a hurry to read someone’s post per your email notification, or if you copied some text you wanted to post on your wall (all the usual things that prompt us all to log in), then chances are, you may not have paid too much attention to this screen, entered something you THOUGHT you will remember and went on with your business.

If you are 100% positive that you definitely did not set your account’s security question and you do NOT see the link to do so, it is also possible that your account have been hacked and someone set it “for you”. Hacker can retain a hold of your account even if you reset your password because the security question/answer based logins are “stronger”, so to speak.

With countless media reports about Facebook accounts being hacked into, it is actually not a surprise that so many people are knowingly choosing to not input their real identity information. It is so, probably because many feel that it is their right to care about own privacy. It is so, probably because social media sites are NOT some  legal entities, such as banks, where one is obligated to reveal own identity per laws and regulations. By the way, a lot of people find it very intrusive when Facebook offers to “find friends” by entering into person’s email box. Just like that – give us your email address and the login password and we will just scan your entire email account for “familiar email addresses” of your correspondents (including those spam messages on “body parts” enlargement and various “lottery winnings”) .  With most email boxes so heavily bombarded with spam, one is only left to hope that Facebook does not have any email scanning “algorithms” that go by “tell me who your friends (correspondents) are, I’ll tell you who YOU are”…

Speaking of adding friends, I am sure everyone “into” Facebook noticed the SO INVITING Facebook’s message which reads like this: Hyipblogger Phill (HyipBlogger) is on Facebook. To connect with Phill, sign up for Facebook today, but some may well consider this to be misleading. Why? Because there is yet another rub – the moment you try to add someone as friend, the system will “insist on you” to confirm that you know this person personally. Sounds a bit of a nonsense for an online social system.

Well, with all this said, let me back up a little and point out that these kinds of strict policies on social media sites are at least to some degree understandable. Every free to use web resource, once it becomes a bit popular, becomes a target of spammers and scammers automatically.  I guess there is no other way for such resources to deal with this issue, but by taking on some “collateral” problems that unfortunately may often come “at expense” of real people with good intentions. The “know personally” condition is there to help people NOT being spammed and scammed by social media abusers, so lets consider this too.

I think this is the end of today’s post, but I also would like to take this chance and let everyone know that I personally do NOT mind when people are contacting me with “Add as friend” requests”. I love to socialize and it does TAKES a society to do so, by definition. I do not need to “know you personally” ,  I do want to see what you’ve got to say. I better delete the spammer later, then miss on a chance to add NEW social friend, so feel free to post right here your “add requests” in the comments section below too. Also, feel free to let me know if you’ve got some “opportunity” to share as well, I don’t mind. But, please do NOT even trywasting YOUR time if you know yourself that it is THE cr*p that you are “promoting” (believe me I know cr*p from “something”).

Lastly and back to the topic, if anyone knows how to efficiently deal with the “Facebook account lock issue” described in this writing, please post the solution or suggestion.

Happy Facebooking everyone!

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  1. raevilman on April 21st, 2012 2:50 am

    check out i have successfully updated security question’s answer

  2. HYIPBlogger on April 21st, 2012 7:09 am

    Well, this is not the same issue that I published. The problem comes when you do NOT remember your security answer and want to reset it, which you cannot

  3. akashpakhi on May 8th, 2012 8:13 am
  4. Joni on February 7th, 2013 3:25 pm

    Someone hacked my FB, and placed a security question on the account, making me unable to get back into it.
    FINALLY, Through proper ID, I was able to re set my password, but now the security question option is gone. I am afraid the “hacker” will still be able to go in and changes my password again by answering their security question.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    • HYIPBlogger on February 8th, 2013 9:17 am

      I know, this is frustrating and the security Q/A are the key to regaining the control of the account. You probably need to somehow get in touch with FB and explain the situation. I don’t believe there is an ease access to some sort of customer support, they probably cannot even afford it with a billion membership base, but still. I guess you can try posting on their forums…

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