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Fake LibertyReserve Emails

18. Nov,2012


Good Day Everyone! There has been increased amount of fake emails circulating lately, which appear as if they were sent by LibertyReserve while in reality they were NOT. I hope all of my readers know better and I thank those of you sharing your concerns with me, but just in case, I decided to make this post and remind everyone to not act on these emails in any way, EVER. Below, I am posting the content of one of such fake email about as fake “opportunity” and some “investment offer”. Keep in mind that fake’s email content may be different and sometimes there are some file attachments are coming with it, which you must always ignore all together and never open them. In another embodiment of the attempt to defraud a person receiving the fake email, you may be made believe that there is something wrong with your account and you asked to click on some link. Please never do that either, just delete the email. If you ever in doubt about whether the email you are looking at is genuine or not, please keep also in mind one simple thing: LibertyReserve NEVER sends any mass emails, period! For the news updates they use their official blog and if you want to make sure that everything is ok with your account, just contact LR support directly on website.

Please note that in all e-mails from Liberty Reserve we will:
Always address you by your first name.
Never send you any links or attached files.
Never ask you to send us your password and/or login PIN.

Dear Liberty Reserve Members,

Liberty Reserve has made considerable progress and improvement, it has become the leading e-currency and its services are being improved continuously.

Recently we have estabilished a very important relation with leading Forex traders from Costa Rica and we decided to give a special offer to you:
This opportunity will not last long, so you must react quickly.
Deposits are accepted until November 19. 2012. 00:00 (UTC), which means that you have about 20 hours to make a deposit in case you are interested in this offer.
One unit in this special program is worth 100 US dollars. The minimal deposit is 1 unit ($100), while the maximum deposit is 500 units ($50000) per member.
You need to make a spend to:
Liberty Reserve account UXXXXXX –
The 150% payout will be made back to your LR account in 7 days, on November 26. 2012. 00:00 (UTC).
The payout is GUARANTEED and there is no risk from losing your funds.

Thank you.

Keep your computers and payment accounts secure and safe please. What you can also do to help the community is report the account numbers yo see in such fake emails to LibertyReserve directly. This way LR may be able to block fraudster accounts before stolen funds are withdrawn.

Have a good day everyone and I will see you soon.


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  1. Sunny, from Nigeria on November 22nd, 2012 12:59 am

    I am one of those who received one of these scam mails. Few weeks later a second mail was sent with another promo, “your LR Uxxxx account has won USD 1,000.00 in a special draw. Send us $100 with this link sc..LRxx to receive your $1,000 into your LR account instantly.” So thanks for exposing this scam.

  2. HYIPBlogger on November 22nd, 2012 1:31 am

    Thanks for your comment Sunny and please keep in mind that those fake emails, are not just a one time occasion. Fraudsters are sending them all the time and the reason I published this alert now, is because the amount of such emails hitting mailboxes of a lot of people has increased for the last few days.
    Important thing to remember is that LR does not send emails at all. So, any content of the emails that looks like as if they were sent by LR, should ALWAYS be ignored.

  3. Derek on November 26th, 2012 7:31 am

    There’s also the emails with the subject line
    ‘you have received a payment to your Liberty Reserve account’
    the ‘adress’ they are coming from is ‘’

    When they are viewed they appear to be GSMonitor advertising an over the top HYIP.

    The message source reveals that the message has Zeus in them which is a very nasty something (cant remember what but know to stay away from it!)

    Same Thing as always though! Liberty reserve do not send advertising emails,
    and unless you really need to know when some unexpected dosh is put into your account, turn off the notifications then you can be sure that anything coming that way is spam.

  4. HYIPBlogger on November 26th, 2012 1:25 pm

    Derek, thank you for extra information and warning.

  5. HYIPBlogger on November 27th, 2012 6:33 pm

    I keep getting these fakes and here is the latest headline – “Official liberty reserve short term investment offer.”… I am not going to quote the content.
    Once again, do not reply or click any links in these emails, they are fake.

  6. Adedotun on January 7th, 2013 11:57 pm

    I just an email yesterday…i was also concerned because it looked as if have to do it immediately without telling a single soul…thanks for the help

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