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HYIP News September 19th

19. Sep,2012

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Good Day Everyone! Let me go straight to the current HYIP news today and I would like to start by sharing the new addition on my portfolio list, which is a program bearing rather catchy name Prospera Nova. I don’t know about you, but I think that any HYIP administration’s ability to come up with a good name for an investment program should be generally appreciated, because it is not that trivial as it may seem. While we are often taking good sounding program names granted, some really crappy names popping up out there are definitely making us to appreciate the good ones. Prospera Nova offers single investment plan, lasting 365 days with daily (Mon – Fri) earnings of 2% on deposits. I hope program management will do its best and actually manage to get us all to that “principal return” time point, but let us move on to rest of today’s news.

The most recent news from visibly growing in its popularity Stallion Gold, which appeared on their website most recently, was the announcement of EgoPay addition, which is now another one of the accepted by the program deposit options. I have to tell you that there is definitely something very positive going on with this program and based on the number of people signing up here daily (my referrals), I am not at all alone thinking this way. Besides good customer support, there are some very interesting features offered by Stallion Gold that are indeed quite unique on the HYIP market and I will for sure share their detailed review in one of the upcoming publications. Meanwhile I recommend you to at least create the account and have a look inside.

In addition to earlier published on HYIPBlogger news from NewGNI regarding Liberty Reserve issues (please read this publication HERE), the most recent announcement was in a lot more friendlier, “business as usual” kind of a tone (this is of course definitely a good thing) and it was about another Giveaway contest. The occasion this time around is the acceptance of EgoPay as an additional payment option for NewGNI. There will be three lucky winners, getting $50 Cash in their EgoPay accounts and the conditions for participating are relatively simple, giving you an option for multiple contest entries.

PipsFund is another interesting program picking up its revolutions on the HYIP arena, thus establishing its presence. Out of the recent news, not yet published on HYIPBlogger, there was only one so far, in which program administrator Jerry Huggins was sharing the progress of his venture after the two weeks of online operations. He also reported some encouraging results on program’s social interactions and shared some promotional tactics for program affiliates.

The latest of the daily series of ProfitClicking announcements, was yet another “almost done” type of a message, which users can see inside their accounts and this time the promise is that the withdrawal function is about to be enabled. I am pretty sure most users are patiently waiting for this particular account option to function for a while now, but I am not holding my breath for it to start working without the “hiccups”, or some extra limitations. Those of my readers who may have missed my recent publication on ProfitClicking, can read it HERE. Overall, while some web resources following up on this program are almost ready to forget about it, I hope we shall see at least some positive “movements” here. Otherwise, what all these recent restructuring efforts were done for?

Ken Rottenberg, the administrator of TradingCoalition, sent program update recently, in which besides sharing some program achievements, he reminds everybody that deposits via bank transfer made by the end of September will be fees free. Another Ken’s reminder is that there are “custom investment plans and legal contracts for deposits above $5,000″ available, which I think many investors may find to be suspicious. Program offers sufficiently high return rates already, but I guess the word “enough” is not in the vocabulary of some people and I hope the rest of you know exactly what I mean by saying this.

No news, often taken as good news, for comparatively lower interest paying programs EurexTrade ( and The Klides. The former keeps paying (like forever?…), it takes tops of the HYIP charts everywhere and the latter is a relatively new, very fancy looking program, which you really have to have a look from inside, at least for the sake of it. With that, I am finishing up for today and I will see you soon.

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