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March 29th News From Expert Portfolio

29. Mar,2012

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Good Day Everyone! Next in the series of Expert Portfolio newsletters and the last one for the month of March is now available for download and viewing. As I mentioned it in the commentary to the previous newsletter sent by the administration of this program, the investment market research done by folks at Expert Portfolio could be of great use to everyone who is taking more active role in their investment allocations.

Lets just face it people, all of the mainstream media financial services advertisements we see and hear today are about big-shot establishments that in reality do not and will not bring the investors any sizable returns, regardless of the chosen investment strategy and its term. Simply put, if given under the management of such establishments, the “traditional” investment returns will simply reflect major indexes movements, give or take and that is all one can expect. For this reason, people with more progressive thinking are realizing that today’s traditional mainstream investment services look more like a mockery of the real, fundamentals-based investments. This is in turn the reason why many people are beginning to look for alternative investment solutions and in particular for (as) progressive thinking fund managers.

One of such fund managers (Mr. Paul Herman) is featured in today’s newsletter of Expert Portfolio in an interview format (interview was earlier conducted by market analyst Jocelyn Ling). The investment methodology which Mr. Paul Herman had originally put together in some comprehensible “package”, is one of the modern investment strategy examples where the “Human Impact” is as important variable as the more traditional Risk/Profit factors. Apparently, such strategy is part of the “arsenal” being used by Expert Portfolio managers and according to their current newsletter, in the future we will learn more about both, the modern investment strategies used by this program to generate profits and about progressively thinking investment gurus in general.

Please visit the website of Expert Portfolio to download and read the latest newsletter.

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