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EurexTrade Review Part 1

31. Aug,2011

The main topic of today’s article is Part 1 of the up to date review of EurexTrade, of which I have been a member for a while now and where I have my own investment. I think this review should come very timely because some of the older reviews published elsewhere may not reflect current state of the matter sufficiently well. In this review article I will comparatively talk about how program’s website is presented, about some distinct features of the investment plans and eventually we will get current on program popularity estimate. If you would like to comment please do so “at will” as this might help to add some extra topics for the Part 2 of the review.

EurexTrade Review

Before getting to EurexTrade, I wanted to mention that I temporarily disabled posts commenting function on the blog for not registered users. I hope that my readers would not mind registering prior to submitting the comments. This is only a one-time, 10 to 20 seconds longer process than before. This minor change makes a huge difference on the blog’s side and the reason is because there was an enormous amount of spam comments coming daily, which I had to cut at least temporarily, to see if registration requirement will help to deal with this issue. I also think that this change would help a lot in terms of better interactions with the readers in the near future and to facilitate this there will be more relevant blog functionality implemented soon.

EurexTrade website:

In my opinion the website of EurexTrade is a rather elegantly looking one and it is very well organized in terms of the ease of navigation. Unlike very brief and formal description on some other programs, there is a very extended set of sections describing how this company is managing invested funds. I have to point out that everyone must have their own take on how convincing that information is, but those into deeper due diligence analysis may actually request company documents, if that is something you think worth considering. The fact that management decided to not just “hang” such documents on the website, is in my opinion positively distinguishing EurexTrade from some others who does so without hesitation. I think that when all sorts of documents are up in the open, this is basically the same as asking for troubles as there are a lot of photoshop masters out there to “recycle” them.

EurexTrade management is rightfully confident that they did their best outlining all program features on the website and this is probably why we can read the following statement on the “Contact” form:

Please use the form below to submit your support inquiries, but ONLY in case you ALREADY familiarized yourself with all of our website sections and you could not find the desired answers.

The description is indeed in full and another section of the website that I think very much “desires” your attention is the “About Us” page. This is quite a passage, just read it HERE and post your comments below if you’d like.

I am not an expert in neither trading nor am I able to confirm the authenticity of document scans (you be the judge), but yet another feature that stands out for EurexTrade is their trading reporting approach. Trading reports are posted almost every day and that suggests that there is at least some degree of operations transparency in place. If you follow the “View all trading history” link on the main page, you will see the calendar looking table similar to one I am posting below, where daily profits/losses are reported and where the dates are the links. Clicking on each of these links will load detailed daily trading statement for the chosen day. Such reports go as far back as March of 2010, so for the time before that, the reports were either not published, or this could be a good cause to post that support request question on the Contact page.

Trading Reports of EurexTrade

As you can see, each of the calendar’s trading day also contains specific percentage values and those are in fact the numbers used to calculate profits for investors in accordance with their share. This also leads me to the next portion of review on investments plans, but I probably will be wasting your time going over every single aspect of offered by EurexTrade investment plans. The website does it very well by explaining pretty much everything one needs to know in great details, including the examples with real numbers. However, there are a few things related to the investment plans that I think worth mentioning in Part 2 of the EurexTrade review because some of them might not be apparent.

For today this is probably it and as it has been always done on this blog, I want to remind everyone to not get overly excited about all of these investment opportunities, because many of them do fail. You must always be prepared to bear losses, hopefully without sinking under them and you should never invest your life savings in HYIPs.

Please find the part 2 of review HERE

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