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Do your Research: The Whois Search

23. Jun,2010

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I’m willing to bet that you’ve been told before, but I’m going to say it again– Research before you invest in anything. Doing a small amount of research before any investment will save you money in the long run and can save you a lot of heartache. This is especially true with high-yield investment programs.

This is the first article in an pack of “Do your Research” posts I’ll be doing. I am going to accumulate some good techniques and information that should really help new investors, and I hope will provide at least a bit of new information for the veterans out there. One of my goals is to have provide a large list of walkthroughs for potential investors guiding them step-by-step through what may seem second-nature to a lot of the experienced HYIP investors out there, but can be confusing and frustrating to someone new.

So, lets say you have found a program that you want to invest in. Before you jump in and send your hard-earned money I suggest you dig in and try to figure out everything you can about the investment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scam investments out there that you need to avoid. The question is how do you determine which investments have potential to make money and which ones are just out to steal your money? Where do you start?

The best place to start is by doing a thorough search of the investment web site. First check out the main page for any information the site gives about the company. After reading everything the on the main page you should check out the FAQ and/or the About Us sections.

Many scam HYIP sites have a generic “copy & paste” FAQ section. Most have typos and may even reference an investment plan name that is NOT the name of the HYIP. This is a clear indication that the HYIP is not a safe site to invest money into and is 99.9% likely to be a scam.

After checking the FAQ/About Us section you should check out each of the other pages to determine if there are any inconsistencies you can find. My rule of thumb is if there are blatant errors in the English language or inaccurate information, don’t invest.

After checking out the program’s website the first tool you should utilize in your research is the Whois search.

#1.) Do a Whois search on the investment program’s domain.

I recommend using DomainTools to perform your search. This site has all sorts of searches and tools, however for our purposes we’ll be using it to perform a Whois search and to ping for an IP address. More about pinging in my next research article.

Type in the domain name, and click search. As an example I’ll go step-by-step and check out

Now, you’ll notice the Whois search doesn’t tell you a whole lot., along with an increasing number of sites across the web (especially HYIPs), has privacy protection set-up on its domain. I put privacy protection on because I don’t feel comfortable having my name, address and phone number posted online for all to see. I like you all, but I don’t trust everyone on the world wide web with my personal information. If you’re lucky and the the domain doesn’t have privacy protection the Whois search will provide a plethora of useful information.

For an example of a site without privacy protection here’s a look at’s Whois results:

As you can see, not everyone’s Whois results info will look the same, but if they’re unprotected they’ll tell you the:

  • Registrant’s name
  • Email address
  • Physical mailing address
  • Phone Number

Unless you are lucky and the investment program doesn’t have privacy protection, this search really only provides you with a couple useful tid-bits of information:

  1. it lets you know who the domain is registered with. As you can see in the above Whois, is registered with;
  2. it gives you the name of the privacy protection company.
  3. sometimes it gives you the domain’s creation and expiration dates.
  4. it lists the URL of the name servers the site is hosted under.

In the example of the company providing privacy protection is WhoisGuard. You may wonder why this is useful information, and in most cases it isn’t. However, if I lost a large sum of money investing in a program and was trying to get it back I might try contacting the privacy company. Who knows, the person behind the phone may mess up and give you information if you’re persuasive enough.

At the time of writing this article, I only have registered until the end of they year. This isn’t due to my lack of dedication to the site, but because I honestly didn’t have the funds sitting around to register it for longer.

Anyway, the expiration date is a useful bit of information to have if it’s provided.

If the domain’s registered for more than one year it is an indication that the program may be around for some time. If it’s only for one year or the Whois search doesn’t display an expiration date, you may want to be wary about reinvesting multiple times in the program or even investing at all.

The last bit of information the Whois search can provide us is the URL of the name servers the website is hosted under. This information is particularly useful because sometimes high-yield investment programs claim they are DDoS protected. I will be explaining DDoS attacks and protection in a future walkthrough article. The name servers can sometimes help us verify the HYIP’s hosting company. By knowing the company hosting the program, we can verify if the program actually has DDoS protection. For example, has DDoS protected hosting with Black Lotus Communications, and the name servers confirm this information.

In the next Do your Research article we’ll dig into getting the IP address of the investment program and I’ll show you all the useful information you can obtain with it.

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